Sunday, October 23, 2005

Today in Arivaca: Breakfast and Power Point

Today my uncle and I had breakfast at the cafe. It was quite good. For $4.99 each we got four pieces of French toast, two sausages, two pieces of bacon and two eggs. They also came with the orange slices and grapes that seem to accompany all Arizona breakfasts. Then we went to the post office, dump and farmers market. We got some more prickly pear glaze and prickly pear and apple jelly at the market. They were cleaning the cemetary up across from the market so there were alot of people out and about.

I also figured out how to write power point presentations. I made one out for my paper on special settler labor and cotton cultivation in Central Asia in about a half an hour and e-mailed it to London. It was nine pages of bullet points, nothing fancy. They are now going to translate it into Russian so my talk will be accompanied by power point slides both in English and Russian. I also now know why some people like power point presentations. They are very easy and fast to write up.

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