Friday, October 14, 2005

Encyclopedia articles

Well today I had no trouble connecting to the internet. I did, however, have trouble connecting the attachment of the last encyclopedia article to an e-mail to the editor. I spent all day writing the last article so I would have a couple days to spare should I encounter more computer problems. Just as I predicted I did, although it was a different and lesser problem than I feared. It took me over an hour to submit a simple attachment. I also received an e-mail today from the encyclopedia editor saying he had received the article I sent this morining on Beria and now had two of the five. No, he had been sent four of the five and confirmed receiving three of the five. I have no idea which of the confirmed articles he lost so I sent all four articles to him. Finally, after much freaking out I got them to attach and submit. I hope he receives them all in good order. It would be nice to think I am done with that particular project for the time being.

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