Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Arivaca Man Cuisine: Tasty and Healthy

I have now perfected the spicy chicken sauce. Granted I pinched the idea off the label of one of the two bottles I mix to make it. But, still it is good stuff. Brilliant in its simplicity. It can be used on either grilled wings or grilled breasts. Mix Lousiana hot sauce with Italian salad dressing. I ususally use Trappey's Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce which is where I stole the idea from and Wishbone dressing. The portions should be about half and half with a little more hot sauce than dressing. Then marinate the chicken in this sauce for a couple of hours, place on propane grill for about 45 minutes and you have authentic Arivaca style chicken. We have been using about half a bottle of the Red Devil a night.

Not nearly so brilliant a culinary discovery, but good nonetheless, is my latest use of prickly pear. Yoghurt and prickly pear glaze go really well together. Right now I have been putting prickly pear and plum glaze in vanilla yoghurt for breakfest.

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