Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stupid Birds

I am taking a break from writing my encyclopedia article on Beria. I did not get started on it until today. I will probably finish it today since it is short. I have about half of it written as of now. Then I can write the final article all of which are due the 15th by e-mail.

At anyrate every so often birds will hurl themselves at my office windows and bounce off. I am on the second floor and the windows are not very clean. I guess the stupid birds do not expect there to be a building in the middle of nowhere. They make a loud thud when they hit the glass and then fall from my view. It has got to hurt.

1 comment:

KRISTIN said...

It really makes me sad to read about it :((
I have never seen a bird doing something like that. I guess ours are smarter (THANK GOD!)
Or - maybe they're suicidal for some reason? Ya think?