Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Internal Colonialism and Stalin's Deportations

I have recently been reading a lot of older journal articles on internal colonialism. It seems that the original idea as elaborated by Robert Blauner certainly applies to the deported peoples of the USSR. But, despite the close fit of the concept it appears that nobody has ever applied the theory except in passing. Of course people studying the USSR have done almost no comparative or theoretical work what so ever. So this lack of scholarship is not all that surprising. I am aiming to remedy this particular blank spot in the near future. I just finished writing a section on how the 1941 deportations turned the Russian-Germans into an internal colony in the USSR for the book I am working on. In the next couple of days I also intend to start writing an article length piece on the subject of Stalin's deportations as an example of internal colonialism.

A Cold Narooz

Sunday was Narooz also known as Persian New Year or Vernal Equinox and it was cold. The day before it snowed all day. It is supposed to be Spring. But, we have had two heavy snow falls recently. Finally, today when I have to go back to work the weather is nice.

Unblocked Again, but who knows for how long

Blogger is again unblocked at work. Earlier it was blocked everywhere in the city. I thought the block was going to be permanent. But, evidently I can post today.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vefa Center

It appears that where the old Ramstor used to stand there will be a third Beta Store. They are also building a new play area for kids. If it is free of charge then I am sure I will be taking Askarbek there frequently. If not then he will just have to keep going to the free places.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Office

It appears that Blogger works fine in Bishkek outside of work. But, there seems to be no way to access it from work. So that means I will be posting infrequently from now on. This week is spring break, but I had to spend all day yesterday interviewing potential students for next year. Today I am not going into the office. I should get at least one day off.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Recent News

Since I last had access to Blogger I have been quite busy doing other things. In addition to teaching, grading and writing a never ending number of letters of reference for students; I have finished revising a journal article. I have also started working seriously on my next book project. I hope to make good progress on this last item during this week.

Spring Break

We are now officially on Spring Break. For some reason Blogger works at Vefa Center, but seems to be permanently blocked at work. At least it is not blocked in all of Bishkek.