Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quick Update

In case worse comes to worst and I get cut off from the internet for an extended period of time here is a short update of important events in Arivaca. I got the Beria article sent off. Now, I hope I can get the last encyclopedia article off after I write it. I hate being at the mercy of technology.

I mispoke earlier about perfecting the spicy chicken sauce. It keeps getting better everyday. Yesterday, I used a different Louisana hot sauce that was a bit hotter and it turned out better. Last night's experiment invovled chicken breasts. Tonight I used the same sauce on wings and I am going to have a hard time making further improvements.

My uncle has put up a series of important signs around the laundry room. Including the very important, "No Toads Allowed", warning. You can smoke and you can spit here, but we don't hanker to amphibians. The cold nights, however, seem to have driven all of the toads away.

I think I am all set for my trip to London to deliver my paper on the use of special settler labor (labour over there) in the cultivation of cotton in Central Asia during the 1940s. I should get the papers from the other conference participants on the 15th assuming I can get online. I think mine might be the only historical paper.


KRISTIN said...

hehehee, does your uncle have a blog too?? I would sure love to read it, he must be hilarious :P

J. Otto Pohl said...

My uncle does not have a blog. But, I get a lot of inspiration and input from him on the Arivaca entries.

KRISTIN said...


Could he maybe start one??

J. Otto Pohl said...

I don't see my uncle starting a blog. It is just not his things. Although he is a very interesting person.