Saturday, October 22, 2005

Phone Call

I almost did not answer the phone this morning. I figured it was a sales person. But, the phone kept ringing so I decided to answer it in case it was for my uncle. I was very surprised when the man on the other end asked for Dr. Pohl. I almost never get phone calls. In fact most of the more than two years I lived in London I had no phone. At anyrate the caller was from the search committee of one of the jobs I applied for recently. He just wanted to make sure I got my recommendation letters and transcripts sent to them. He also asked me some basic questions. I take this as a very good omen. No search committee has ever called me before. Out of almost a hundred applications this was the first person to take the time to phone me. Even if I don't get an interview I know at least this particular search committee actually read my application with some interest. I suspect the vast majority have not. By calling me, the search committee made me feel at least like I was a human being rather than a number to be dismissed in favor of the person chosen for the job before it was advertised. I wish more search committees had such good manners.


John Pohl said...


A phone call is better than nothing. The caller seemed very interesting, and not the usual academic weine. Good luck with this one. Mom says she looked in my college book. However, it is 0400 in the morning and I looked in the 2001 edition, but found nothing. I must be trying to look it up in the wrong places.

Peter asked that I send him an invoice for my work on and in Japan. I put a stupid sum line in the invoice and I can'd delete it. I am faxing and sending the invoice by mail as is. I hope it is alright.

Mom took me over to visit old colleagues by Schwab yesterday. I was surprised they were renting some of their space to another compny investiating spray characteristics. I am also interested in sprays and my friend took me over and introduced me to the spray guys. Everything is frustration. I can't find anything after our move. I promised my preliminary work on CO2 storage in coal seams the other day to colleagues in North Dakota. I can't find it yet. Do you think a copy of your blog will satisfy them?

Masterfraud said...

Great news! If I were the chair of a search committee, I'd be calling you, too. Keep us posted!