Saturday, October 22, 2005

Phone Call

I almost did not answer the phone this morning. I figured it was a sales person. But, the phone kept ringing so I decided to answer it in case it was for my uncle. I was very surprised when the man on the other end asked for Dr. Pohl. I almost never get phone calls. In fact most of the more than two years I lived in London I had no phone. At anyrate the caller was from the search committee of one of the jobs I applied for recently. He just wanted to make sure I got my recommendation letters and transcripts sent to them. He also asked me some basic questions. I take this as a very good omen. No search committee has ever called me before. Out of almost a hundred applications this was the first person to take the time to phone me. Even if I don't get an interview I know at least this particular search committee actually read my application with some interest. I suspect the vast majority have not. By calling me, the search committee made me feel at least like I was a human being rather than a number to be dismissed in favor of the person chosen for the job before it was advertised. I wish more search committees had such good manners.

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