Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things I have never had

Driver's License
Mobile Phone
Any books by French "theory" weenies
Che Guevara T-shirt (Note to the "cool-hip" people who do have these shirts. If you are going to wear a shirt with a communist on it at least pick one who accomplished some of his goals like Stalin or Pol Pot. Che was such an idiot that he lost to the Bolivian army.)


Chris O'Byrne said...

No tattoos! I'm shocked. I thought all history Ph.D.s sported a few tattoos whilst reading the latest French theory drivel and wearing their Che t-shirts. My image of you has changed drastically. :)

KRISTIN said...

LOL @ Chris
I wouldn't have said it better myself ;)

But I'm seriously surprised that you don't have driver's license and a car! Some Americans have convinced me that you are normally born with them over there.

Chris O'Byrne said...

Yes, I am very surprised that you have never had a driver's license... did you just never get around to taking the test?

I stepped on a nail, once, does that count as a piercing?

KRISTIN said...

LOL @ Chris again.

*I have a mobile phone (everyone in Estonia has one, pensioners and infants included)
*I have earrings - so I guess it counts for piercing
*And I have a T-shirt with the face of an anonymous dirty old man on it and he says "THANK GOD FOR ALL THOSE LITTLE GIRLS" - I have worn this shirt to rags actually :D