Thursday, October 13, 2005

200th Post and Poll Results

Thanks to everybody who took my poll down below. If you have not taken it go and do it now. The results are in just in time for my 200th post and review of this blog's direction. I do not think it will change much. It will continue to be a mix of my historical interests, life in Arivaca and the challenge of doing scholarly work at the most extreme margins of the academic world. I was surprised by how many responses I got. About twice as many people took the poll as I expected. I am also very glad that at least a few people share my historical interests.

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KRISTIN said...

I'm glad for you! I take my TROUBLES!!! post like a kind of poll too as it ended up being like it LOL. Now I know I have at least 3 readers + Mattias (14)from Ireland LOL