Saturday, October 22, 2005

Deported Peoples of the USSR

I was surprised by the interest in this subject shown by my recent poll of my dozen readers. At anyrate while I have posted alot on various deported nationalities here. I still have not covered them all. I have written on the Russian-Germans, Russian-Koreans, Karachais, Kalmyks, Chechens, Balkars, Crimean Tatars and Meskhetian Turks. I have still not written anything on the Soviet Kurds, Russian-Greeks or Russian-Finns. Nor have I written much on deportations from the Baltic States, Ukraine, Poland and Moldova. I probably will not post another big post like the one below on the Balkars until after I get back from London. But, I am thinking the next one will probably be on the Kurds or Greeks. People can vote below in the comments if they want. Otherwise it will be which ever group I feel most like writing about at the time.

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