Friday, October 21, 2005

New Person on Blogroll

I am adding a new person to my blog roll. She is a Ph.D. student somewhere out on the East Coast. At anyrate I came across her blog today and read it with great interest. Given that much of US academia seems ideologically frozen in 1948, cheering on the great socialist triumphs of the USSR and Israel against reactionary Muslims, I found her posts on Palestine very refreshing. Someday I will write a post on why Palestine is a conservative cause. But, right now you can go to Red Academics to see the emergence of some critical thinking on the issue in the US academy. When I was an undergraduate in the US it was impossible to criticize Israel. The same leftists who condemned South Africa, Chile and the Contras also militantly defended all of Israel's actions, no matter how reprehensible. These people were really nasty and it was far easier to just ignore the unjust plight of the Palestinian people than tangle with them.

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