Thursday, October 13, 2005

If this place is not updated you know why

Yesterday, I had major connectivity problems. This morning everything seems fine. But, I am worried that my modem was acting up. If this spot is not updated for days or even weeks on end it will be because I could not get online. I am going to try and get my encyclopedia articles sent before that happens. Otherwise I will have to do it from the Arivaca library.


KRISTIN said...

See, if you had a cell phone you could blog using it!!! Isn't it amazing? HEY, btw, actually you can use any phone I guess and they will put up your messages as voice post or something. ;)

J. Otto Pohl said...

The modem has been acting up. This laptap is old and the manufacturer always charges a huge amount for repairs. I am thinking that I will probably get a desk top to replace it before the end of the year. That way when things like keyboards and modems malfunction it does not cost several hundred dollars to replace them.