Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Favourite Commentors

This blog does not have alot of regular readers as far as I can tell, maybe a dozen now. It even has fewer regular commentors. But, it does have some. Except for my Dad, I think I have linked to all of them over on the list of links to the left. In alphabetical order the loyal readers that have commented here frequently are listed below.

Dr. Camicao
Chris O'Byrne

This is pretty good considering the slow start this blog had in 2004. It was over half a year before I got my first comment. Then my second commentor was a troll. The above list seems skewed in favor of American men living in the western US, however. This is probably a function of being the official blog of Arivaca Man. Men living in the West need to know the answers to such questions as how to herd toads and grill spicy chicken. But, I think other people can benefit from this advice as well. Therefore, I strongly encourage more European, Asian, Australian, South American and African women to comment here.

According to technorati I am now in the top 100,000 blogs. I have no idea how the rankings are compiled. I keep going up in rank even though the number of blogs increases. Yet, I am quite sure the total number of people who have ever read this blog is less than 1,000. My profile has 608 hits. There must be alot of blogs (over 18.5 million of them) with even fewer readers than mine, ouch!


KRISTIN said...

thanks for mentioning me :D (it's Kristin not Kristen, btw, I'm kinda sensitive about my name LOL)
It's my work week now, 6 days in a row so I guess I 'll comment on your blog a little less than usual. But I'm a LOYAL READER for sure LOL. Have a nice day!!

KRISTIN said...

P.S. To get more comments from females you should talk a little bit more about your FEELINGS lol, you know women... anything will do :P
P.P.S. Go check Countess' blog from my blogroll, that's a full blooded female hahaha..

J. Otto Pohl said...

Sorry, about the name. I will edit it and correct it. I was in a hurry to go grill spicy chicken.

Chris O'Byrne said...

Arivaca Man... I like it. Does that mean there is a similar blog in Peking? (I can't stop laughing at how funny I think I am!)

I've really enjoyed hearing bits and pieces about Arivaca before my move down there. Especially the spicy grilled toad!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Chris, I will have some more on Arivaca this week. The Chinese government shut down Peking Man's blog. Sandia Man, however, has one. I am pretty sure the toads are inedible. But, maybe I should make some inquiries.