Monday, September 12, 2005

Start of the week

Okay, the week is off to a good start. All my e-mail was real this morning, no spam. The weather is nice and it looks like I can take care of getting everything sorted for going to London without any problems. Every so often in a rare moment of unpredictability the universe decides to cooperate with my plans.

Today my plan is to work some more on covering the pipes. I have not lifted the shovel since Thursday. Then I intend to do some writing on the book manuscript. I am still working on the 1930s. Yesterday and Saturday I was writing about the Holodomor (murder famine). Today I think I will be writing about dekulakization. Then after I get a couple pages of that project done I am going to seriously tackle the cover letter.

After I get the cover letter finished I can send out for some more academic jobs. Although, I probably have a better chance of winning big at Costa del Sol. I ultimately do not think it will do much good since my research on the blogosphere has done more to confirm than allay my fear that search committees don't count publications, only teaching experience. I personally do not think they should let anybody who does not have a Ph.D. and at least one published book, maybe up it to two due to the tight job market, teach any university level classes. I am just bewildered to read about academics who have tenure track jobs writing about giving their first conference paper or writing their first journal article. Really that is stuff I did with only a BA. So is writing books. Then again as I have discovered academic hiring has nothing to do with scholarship.

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