Thursday, September 29, 2005

Finally finished the cover letter

I finally finished writing a new cover letter today. I did my best on the teaching paragraph. Left on my own I do not think I would have ever thought to tackle the issue. So I want to give a great big thanks to Dr. Camicao for all his help. Looking back over my blog he has left a lot of helpful tips and encouraged others to do so as well. If you are ever in the Gadsen Purchase area stop by Arivaca for shish tavuk and narghile.

I also got some of the clutter in my office cleaned up. In the next couple of days I will finish cleaning it up. Next week I will be sending out another load of job applications. They might not get me a position, but at least they will have a better chance then those with my previous cover letter.

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Camicao said...

Otto, you're welcome. It's important that as long as you try to get an academic job that you remain as positive as possible. I understand that feeling that way may be very difficult in light of all that you have gone through and all that you face. Anbruchhas an interesting post on cover letters that you may find interesting. He's in a very different situation, though. Still interesting.