Saturday, September 17, 2005

A busy morning in a small town

Last night's Mexican Independence dinner at the community center was quite good. Today my uncle and I went into town. We got library cards and visited the Friend's of the Library monthly sale. For a town of 150 people, Arivaca has a great library. For 75 cents I bought two books on deserts and one on the Amazon at the sale. I also checked out the Rough Guide to Greek music CD and a couple of books on the history of the US-Mexican border and the Navajo Nation. Then we went to the Aribaca cafe for coffee and then to the weekly farmers market. At the market we purchased some prickly pear glaze and jelly. We also found out that we can get our mesquite beans ground into flour for free at the Mesquite Festival at the end of the month. There are alot of community events here despite the small population and the people are very friendly.


Chris O'Byrne said...

Ah... I can't wait to be there. Thanks for the local update!

John Pohl said...


Sounds like you are out of the Arizona Room and into the community. You should meet the radio guy and mention your experience and see if he needs a volunteer. Mom sys you knew I had posted since ther were a lot of mistakes. I work with technical shit, not writing. I do try to keep the mistakes down.

You not longer see to have the mesquite and prickly pear monoply. Go for it and be ready to produce them when we arrive 6 November.