Friday, September 23, 2005

More on the Blasterino

I am by upbringing a cat person, not a dog person. So I have not had a lot of exposure to canines. Nevertheless, I don't think Blaster is typical. In addition to his ball obsession he also patiently waits at your feet at breakfest for bread crusts. Is this a traditional dog food, the burnt corners of toast? He catches them in the air and then his eyes bulge out as he swallows them. He will also lick your feet if you are not careful, yuck. No the dog unlike the spiders, toads, geckos, praying mantineses and other creatures allied to man is an enigma. I don't care about understanding the enemy fauna like ants, moths and other insects. They are just vermin to be exterminated.


Frank said...

My dear, departed Dusty started every morning with the crust off of my mother's cinnamon toast, so Blaster isn't totally unique.

KRISTIN said...

Dog is not a mystery, it's a MESS. And made that way by human beings btw ;)
PS: They are omnivorous! you can only imagine... LMAO