Friday, September 16, 2005

Carnival of Diasporas Post-Game

The Carnival of Diasporas which I thought would have a total of four readers did much better than my low expectations. It got some high powered links at Siberian Light, Blogrel and Cliopatria. I will do another one in the future. I am not sure exactly when I will post it. In the meantime, however, I will take submissions at pohlcat [the at sign] rocketmail [the dot] com. Even better would be if somebody else wants to take a franchise out on the carnival. My ability to hunt down stories with links that work is evidently quite minimal.

This carnival had pretty traditional diaspora groups Jews, Armenians and Indians. In the future I would like to cover some lesser known diasporas. If only to educate myself. So my wishlist of lesser known diasporas is below. They are in no particular order.

Arabs in Uzbekistan
Japanese in Brazil
Palestinians in Latin America
Germans in Namibia
Africans in Mexico

In fact if I could get one article on each of the groups above it would make a really good second mini carnival. It would make for a good contrast with the more well known Jewish, Armenian and Indian diasporas covered in the first mini carnival. So if by chance anybody reading this is an expert on one of the groups above write up a post and send me the link.


Jonathan Benda said...

How about the Chinese diaspora?

J. Otto Pohl said...

Jonathan, posts on the Chinese diaspora are welcome too of course. I place the Chinese diaspora in the same catagory as the Indian one. Not as "classic" as the Jews, Armenians and Greeks, but large, established and well known. I could not get the piece you sent me by Bruce Chang to link. Otherwise I would have used it.

Jonathan said...

Klaus Dierks, a German-Namibian engineer and MP, has a great site on Namibian history including the German diaspora.

ike said...

Hi there,

Here's a link to an article about the Philippine diaspora:

Imperial Terror, Neo-Colonialism and the Filipino Diaspora

There are some articles and books dedicated to the different periods that the Philippine diaspora has happened.

I hope it gets considered.