Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rhetorical Question

No US university would tolerate Holocaust deniers teaching in their ranks. Why then are minimizers, justifiers and defenders of Stalin's crimes such as Mark Tauger, Associate Professor of History at West Virginia University allowed tenure? The fact that Professor Tauger is employed to teach Soviet history baffles my mind. It is the moral equivalent of hiring David Irving to teach the history of the Holocaust. For a rather lengthy and detailed discussion of Professor Tauger's revisionism regarding the Holodomor (the man made famine in Ukraine during 1932-1933) go here and note that he uses the same tactics as Holocaust deniers. The critiques of Tauger by the late Professor Mace and other anti-Stalinist academics are especially insightful. Currently on H-Russia, Professor Tauger is seeking to justify and minimize other Soviet crimes. Far more so than Ward Churchill, Professor Tauger is a man undeserving of tenure.

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