Friday, September 23, 2005

Quotation of the day

A couple of times I have started off posts with quotations. I very frequently do it with academic papers. Recently, I have been moving in the direction of using Bibical quotations. Both the papers for Canada and Boston will have scriptural quotations leading them off provided the abstracts are accepted. At anyrate I have some interesting non-religious quotations that I have wanted to blog about, but really haven't been able to come up with any text to accompany them. So I am just going to post them free standing. The first one is below. It is from the Prince of Rai, Cheb Mami. It is a lyric from the song Parisien du Nord. It sounds better sung in Arabic, but you can get the gist here.

You hated me because of my looks and told me I was a "stranger"
And I had thought I was in my own country, that I could die here
That's how you deceived me

The song is about racism in France against Algerian immigrants. Just so you know the context. I will be putting up new unrelated quotations on a daily basis.

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