Sunday, September 11, 2005

Getting it together next week

This week could have been more productive. I got most of the trench with the pipes filled and six pages written on Catherine's Grandchildren. Less than I had planned, but at least something. Next week I am going to revise the cover letter and get another encyclopedia article written. I also hope to keep advancing on the book manuscript. It is easy to lose track of time here in Utopia.

I did go on a hunt for blog posts relating to diasporas. I got enough to do a mini-carnival if I do not find anymore before the 15th. It does not look like I am going to get very many nominations sent to me. Not that I expected a lot, but four or five would have been nice. At any rate I have half a dozen that I found this morning. I think I can work with that. I did not find any good posts on really exotic diapsoras. Instead I have a pretty traditional mix of one Jewish, one African, two Armenian and two Indian entries. They deal with literature, music and politics.

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