Friday, September 02, 2005

Remains of the day

Today was rather uneventful. It was pretty cool and we got one last monsoon rain. Before the storm I got a start on covering the pipes on the side of the house. I got about two feet done. Later I helped my uncle move the furniture from the Arizona room back into the living room now that he has finished the floor. I will try and get a couple of feet done on the pipes each day. Hauling a wheelbarrow full of creek soil up a steep hill is not somthing I can repeat too many times in a single day.

I think the collective blogging in favor of sanctions against Uzbek cotton went really well. I learned alot of stuff I did not know so I can only assume that it must have seemed like an overwhelming amount of information to interested lay readers. I hope it informed some people about the situation.

Somebody forgot to send out the memo on blacklisting me from the History Carnival this week. They carried my entry. Although I suspect it has to do with the fact that it dealt with White racism against Asians. Had I submitted another post on Russian racism against Germans I suspect it would have been rejected as well. I also got linked by the Teaching Carnival which I find to be really ironic since I have never taught a day in my life. I think the conspiracy against me is getting sloppy and losing paperwork in the shuffle. Not that it matters that much. Recently, I have decided to try and not let myself get annoyed at such slights. I am feeling alot better as a result.

I have been trying to follow events in New Orleans, but things seem to still be extremely chaotic over there. I really do not have anything to add on the issue. I don't have any money or anything else to give anybody.


Frank said...

I was so happy when I saw you on the History Carnival! "At last, JOP gets some recognition!" I said to myself. It really was a great post.

I love how you call it an "Arizona room." Usually, people (at least around me) call it a "Florida room."

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks for the appreciation Frank. I have never heard of a "Florida room." Here it is called an Arizona room. The generic term is probably "old people's room."