Friday, September 09, 2005

Send me posts for Carnival of Diasporas

I would still like to do a Carnival of Diasporas on the 15th. So far nobody has sent me any posts. Now I know I have some regular readers. But, it is really not fair to make my parents send in all the nominations. So everybody send me your favorite diaspora posts at pohlcat [the at sign] rocketmail [the dot] com. Some of you are probably even members of diasporas so this task should not be too hard.

Speaking of diasporas, Peter Z. Andreyev, I answered your question about those involved in lobbying various governments on behalf of the Kalmyks in the comments section of my Kalmyk Diaspora post. To recap briefly you want to find a short book written by Dzhab Naminov-Burkhinov called Bor'ba za grazhdanskie prava kalmytskogo naroda/The Struggle for Civil Rights of the Kalmyk People. Yes, it is in both the original Russian with a readable, but less than stellar English translation. He was the main activist among the Kalmyks in the US during the 1950s. I hope that helps.

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