Saturday, September 24, 2005

It is now Lurker Week

Well my delurking post got no comments yesterday. I did get one new commentor on my academic black list post. I am not sure if he was actually a lurker or did a search looking for posts mentioning Norman Finkelstein. His blog shows that he is part of some sort of campaign to get Professor Finkelstein fired from De Paul. At anyrate despite my low expectations I was hoping I had more than one lurker reading this blog without my knowledge. So I am expanding Lurker day to Lurker week. Yes, a whole week to delurk and let me know what you think.


John Ruberry said...

Yeah, I'm that lurker. I found you through Technorati. I am not part of any group to get Norman Finkelstein fired. Nor have I called for Prof. Finkelstein to be fired by DePaul.

I am a supporter of suspended Professor Thomas Klocek. Since he in essence got fired by DePaul for speaking up for Israel, and Finkelstein regulary trashes Israel, my point was to bring up the hypocrisy at DePaul and what seems to be a double standard there.

I kindly and respectfully ask that you NOT delete this comment, or better, post a retraction of your posting where you claim that I'm "evidently" part of a "Fire Finkelstein" group. This is not true.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Visit often. Whether you agree with me or not.

J. Otto Pohl said...

I will post a correction tommorrow. You do not explicitely call for Finkelstein's dismissal. But, given that you approvingly cite reports calling Finkelstein an "anti-semite" and a "Holocaust denier" it seemed you were arguing that he is unsuited to teach at DePaul. If you believe the above claims to be true why don't you want him fired? I certainly do not think that actual anti-semites and Holocaust deniers should be allowed to teach at universities.

John Ruberry said...

The Anti-Defamation League has called Finkelstein a Holocaust Denier:

Alan Dershowitz here in Huffington Post calls Finkelstein "anti-Semite."

As for DePaul, keeping him is up to them.

Thanks in advance for the upcoming post.