Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Interesting Comments

Today I have gotten comments on a number of posts from quite interesting people. I encourage comments. But, I have one small favor to ask. Try and comment on posts that are still on the front page. I get an e-mail telling me when and where the posts are made. However, other people can not read them if they are buried in the archives. Also while the Mini Carnival Diaspora post is still on the front page, its comment thread is getting long. There are other posts related to it that have more space.

Now that the housecleaning aspects are out of the way, I have some specific notes on the comments. I fear that due to my poor technical skills which caused me to rewrite the original Mini Carnival of Diasporas post several times I may have caused offense to Onnik Krikorian. If this is the case I am sorry. In a spirit of good will I would like to offer him space here on my blog if he so desires to make his case clearer than my bumblings have made it. All he has to do is e-mail what he would like published and I will post it verbatium as its own post. My e-mail again is pohlcat [the at sign] rocketmail [the dot] com. I hope that if he takes advantage of this opportunity that it will clear up any misunderstandings.

Thanks to Kristin for the message from Estonia. Also thanks on letting me know about the link from the Baltic Blog. Please feel free to spread my blog to both Estonians and Arizonians. Next time you are in Tucson feel free to come down to Arivaca and visit. We are only an hour drive south. If you can pack some Estonian chocolate on ice. Otherwise it will melt. Estonia has my favorite chocolate in the world.


Onnik Krikorian said...

No, you didn't cause me offense. You did however give Cilicia.com a (dubious) reason to ban me from making comments on the site. In the future, I would suggest that you make it clear when you drastically change posts to the extent that comments appear unrelated and potentially problematic for all involved.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Your advice is well taken. In the future I will note any major changes to posts.