Sunday, September 25, 2005

More on Toads

The toads have gotten quite big now. Some are about the size of a child's hand. They come out at night and hop into any illuminated area. This means the kitchen as I prepare dinner. Everytime I walk back into the house from checking on the chicken on the outdoor grill toads attempt to gain entry to the kitchen. They have gotten quite aggressive. Usually at least one mananges to hop past the threshold into the house. I have taken to sweeping them back outside with a broom. Even though toads are creatures allied with man they are not allowed into the house.


KRISTIN said...

Try to kiss one just to see what happens!!! I'm glad you write those little interludes on our co-creatures at times, makes you seem almost human :P What do you love about history anyway? (Hopefully I didn't sound rude now!) I know a bunch of people that like history but never understood them :( All I can say about the subject is - thank god, it's over :))

J. Otto Pohl said...

Kissing toads is dangerous. They have toxic skin. I have to make sure the dog does try and eat them.

As for my love of history, try this experiment. Walk around the Vanna Linn and ignore all the modern stuff. Does not the past grab your imagination?

KRISTIN said...

Nope :P
My imagination is very busy with the present LOL, building my very own town of scrumptious castles in the air! But I sure love our Vanalinn (Old Town?), actually I work there and walk through those narrow streets almost every day :) Have lots of pictures taken of them, too.
Do you ever laugh?

KRISTIN said...
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J. Otto Pohl said...

Oops, I meant above "dog does not try and eat them" (them meaning toads). :-)

Well, the Vanalinn is one of the most historic sites I can think of. So maybe I can't explain my odd obsession with history. That is okay, I still think you are good person.

Yes, of course I laugh. I laughed so hard at the cartoon you had about the man needing to hide his penis from the CIA I almost passed out. I assure you I am quite human.

KRISTIN said...

why didn't you let me know??? I think you're the only person that reads and sometime comments on my blog. HAHA

PS. And btw, I noticed your ealier mistake!! I'm SO PROUD of myself :P

J. Otto Pohl said...

I couldn't stop laughing to post anything. :-)

KRISTIN said...