Friday, September 30, 2005


I got most of the office cleaned up today. I still need to reassemble a pdf file on the GULag I printed out and forgot to put a paper weight on top of. But, I tossed all the excess papers strewn about by the wind. I am going to organize the papers either tonight or tommorrow.

I got the first job application put together to send out. I will be doing at least one a day until the small pile is finished. Again thanks to everybody who gave me advice on the cover letter. I found the advice of New Kid on the Hall, Artichoke Heart and Miriam to be the most useful. I tried to show that I had a thought out plan of how I would teach even if it had never been put into practice. This first application asked for sample syllabi, so I think I have a shot at convincing them to give me an interview. If it works great. If it does not then I have resolved not to be bitter about it. All that does is make me unpleasant to myself and others. I am resolving once again to maintain a positive attitude. What I do need to do is find some sort of alternative career, however, in the event that none of my academic job applications pan out this year. I am not sure where to look in this regards. I will be asking around at the cotton conference in London which will have a number of non-academic participants.

Sometimes I just have to look back on the last five years of life and remember that compared to a lot of my recent past now is a really good time. I am way past the nadirs of my life. My prayers go out to those people still stuck in their nadirs.


Lonely Londoner said...

Just wanted to come over to your blog and say hi, and good luck to you on the search. :) Also - PhD in two years?! I am IMPRESSED!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I didn't have the money to live in London another year so I finished early.