Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Morning

Okay this marks the finish of a week of posts on my everyday life. It did not elicit much interest so I am not sure if I am going to continue it. Life in poor countries is generally either boring or terrifying. There is very little good excitement or romantic adventure. So I am okay with the boring. But, I don't think it really makes interesting reading material for other people.

Today I went to the Mighty Jesus Supermarket to buy some stuff and found my balcony filled with the kids from across the way selling fruits and vegetables. I ended up buying two bunches of bananas and five pineapples for 30 GH to get rid of them. I successfully argued for not buying the coco yam leaves because I did not know how to cook them.

After the departure of the fruit vendors I ate a pineapple, some bananas and two slices of bread washed down with a bottle of liquid yogurt, a can of Malta, and a glass of banana and strawberry juice. Then I decided to go to campus just to get away from my flat.


derRach said...

Can you post a photo of the front of the store showing the Mighty Jesus Supermarket signage?

RE: "Then I decided to go to campus just to get away from my flat." I didn't know that Ghanaian fruit vendors were so in-your-face predatory? Hope that this doesn't happen again. I feel for your discomfort as one's own home should be inviolate.

J. Otto Pohl said...

It happens every week. Sometimes more than once a week. Today the kids wanted money to buy food on top of the money I paid for the fruit but I refused. One time the girl tried to get me to buy more by claiming that her mother beats her if she doesn't bring home enough money. But, that isn't the reason I left my flat today. The kids cleared out after I gave them the 30 GH for the bananas and pineapples. It was just boring in my flat and hot.