Thursday, April 07, 2016

Russian Review Article Link

It appears that you can get an electronic copy of my article "The Persecution of Ethnic Germans in the USSR during World War II", The Russian Review, 75 (April 2016): 284-303 at this link provided by the publisher. I am not sure if everybody can get access to the Wiley site or not. It may only be available through institutional access. Let me know if it works or not for you in the comments. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could access an electronic version of the publication at all this early. Feel free to leave any commentary, criticism, or questions about the article in the comments below.


derRach said...

That's good news indeed!
I was able to download it through an authorized VPN university library subscription, but not in America. Naturally no one supports my research in America, but I have friends in various countries who help.

At the bottom of the page: The Russian Review 75 (April 2016): 284–303

The downloaded file title:

When I attempted to download it without using my VPN access, it requested a monetary fee depending on usage. So institutional access is a necessity unless one uses a credit card.

I am confident that I can learn much from your article too!

I do hope that you continue in your research on Germans in and from Russia?

J. Otto Pohl said...

Yes I still have a few more things to write about ethnic Germans in the Russian Empire and USSR.