Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Steps

I am thinking about trying to revive this blog from its current nearly comatose condition. I am not exactly sure what I could do to attract any readers. But, obviously the first step in reanimating the blog is to start putting up some posts.


derRach said...

I, for one, would miss your online presence.

Don't let the popular crowd silence your voice. You do have many things to say!

Josephine Michelle Draus said...

What derRach said.

Part of the problem is that the age of blogging is over. Nowadays people who want to write for an audience go to or one of the other what I call "slickblogs." But I rather despise medium and the other slickblogs. While the real blogosphere is a much smaller community than it used to be, in terms of both writers and readers, I stick to it loyally for the authenticity, which is sorely lacking with the monetized "blogging platforms" and their endless clickbait. I think of low-traffic blogs (and this one in particular) as sources of archival material. I can't not believe that someday someone will search the blogosphere for cultural and informational artifacts of the early 21st century. I believe that may be your primary audience.