Saturday, April 16, 2016


It is on days like this that I wish there was still a place that served real coffee somewhere near campus. The Maxmart across the road used to have a nice cafe that served good Turkish coffee. But, now the only thing in close proximity is that awful Nescafe.


derRach said...

Besides solving the let-downs of finding good coffee and abundant electricity, please tell us of your long range plans for writing on historical topics? Do you develop a written schedule for topics, or are you inspired to write on a specific topic from time to time?

I'd like to know what led you to major in History? And then what led you to teach history at university?

J. Otto Pohl said...

I'll put up a post tomorrow on my future writing plans. I don't actually have a schedule, however. I majored in history out of interest. I ended up teaching at a university because the only other thing you can do with a degree in history is work at a coffee shop. The coffee shop pays better but it is a lot harder and less interesting work.

derRach said...

I forgot to inquire if you have a future goal to write a textbook on one of the usual subjects in History? Does Ghana import all of its textbooks for university classes? For that matter, does Ghana import all of its books and other reading material?

That being said, I personally hope that someday that you will write your Magnum Opus on the Life of Nationalities expelled out of the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union, and Imperial Russia. Will autographed copies be available?

J. Otto Pohl said...

There are some books published in Ghana particularly regarding Ghanaian history which is the core of the history program here. So they are not all imported.

I wrote a book on Soviet deportations that was published in 1999.