Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday morning

This morning I took a while to get out of my flat. I decided to have cold pizza for breakfast before coming to campus. I purchased two from the food lady at work yesterday. There is still one in my refrigerator. After I got to the office I graded 18 mid-terms for my class at city campus which is in an hour and a half. Now I just have one more class of mid-terms to finish grading. I have gotten so I can do these things pretty fast. Most students get in the B and B+ range. Those few that stick out as exceptional get an A. Unfortunately, there is no longer a grade of A- here. Then there are those that stick out as showing little or no reading of the assignments. They get lower grades. But, fortunately I haven't had any truly bad essays yet this semester. Most students get most of the basic information down.


derRach said...

Do your students ever present a talk in their own words about what they have learned at the end of a course?

I too am curious as to what some common toppings are for pizza in Ghana? Is it the same toppings as in America, or do they have some unique Ghanaian toppings to consider? I traveled once to China Lake, California about 35 years ago during the Summer, which was adjacent to the Mohave desert. There they offered pizza with hamburger and sliced potatoes as toppings for the traditional tomato sauce and cheese pizza, and I thought that was unusual. A long the coast, they offered Kiwifruit for toppings.

J. Otto Pohl said...

I don't have them do oral reports. The pizza I got did not have typical Ghanaian toppings. It had cabbage, carrots, onions, and ground beef. But, the biggest pizza chain here is Pizza Inn from Zimbabwe and it has South African toppings like Boerworst and Peri Peri chicken.