Sunday, April 10, 2016

Annual Reader Survey

If I have any readers left now might be a good time for you to express your opinion of what I should do to bring this blog back to life. Or is it a hopeless cause?


Anonymous said...

Write about your daily life in Ghana. It will be fascinating for readers.

The Ancient said...


derRach said...

More articles on the historic expulsions of ethnic nationalities in Russia?

I agree with more articles about daily life in Ghana and at your university, your life and maybe about a composite average citizen in Ghana, not exactly along the lines of Gulliver's travels, i.e. a fictionalized composite? What can he expect living there? Are you allowed to survey your students, for example?

Oh yes, don't forget to include the daily cuisine in Ghana and on holidays, special feasts and on?

Is everything in Ghana for sale always imported? What are their exports and so on?

derRach said...

Who promotes Ghana? What attracted you to Ghana in the first place? Perhaps you could begin a retrospective serial on your cultural adventures in Ghana?

Is there any cultural exchange programs between Ghana and America? Does the capital of Ghana have any sister cities in America or elsewhere, for example?

I suggest the concept for serial essays if you created a fictional average "Joe" from Ghana. What would be the average name for someone from Ghana? What does the Ghanaian think of his country, of his natural surroundings and climate? What are his expectations for the future?

For that matter, if you developed a short list of themes for serial essays for your blog might help restart your creative powers from time to time? You could write about various topics. For example, do the restaurants in your city of Ghana offer haute cuisine of native foods grown in Ghana, or do they dream of McDonald's type fast food?

Do all people on the street speak English, American or British? Is there a typical Ghanaian accent? I imagine that there is more than one indigenous language native to Ghana; do you often hear other languages in the city or at university?

I hope that you will continue writing about your research on the historical tragedies of the expelled nationalities in Russia? That could be one of the themes in your blog too. I appreciate perusing your new articles on this topic. I've learned a lot thanks to you.

I envision your blog as a beacon for historical truth.