Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Today I chaired the penultimate seminar of the semester. Today the three first year MPhil students presented short introductions to their research. This year in addition to two Ghanaian students we have a post-graduate student from Slovenia. I was a little worried about time because there were three presenters. But, they managed to stay within the 90 minutes allocated weekly to the seminar.

I returned to the archives today. I found out that the faculty of science used to have a couple of big boats. It sold the last one that I know about in 1984 after somebody stole 80% of its engine parts and the entire gear box.

The food lady came around today with fried tilapia, banku, and pepper. I like the taste of this dish and I have gotten used to the fact that you can't do anything else while eating it because your right hand becomes covered in sticky banku, but I wish all fish could be like shark and be boneless.

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