Thursday, August 11, 2005

Things to look forward to

For the two to three people who read this blog below is a list of topics that I will be covering in the near future here.

The process of writing a book for a popular versus an academic audience.

Adjusting to life in Arivaca.

The 68th anniversary of the deportation of the Russian-Koreans.

The 64th anniversary of the deportation of the Russian-Germans.

Things I would teach if they let me.

They may not appear in any particular order and it may take a few weeks to get through them all as other things intervene. But, I promise to have at least one entry on each of them.


Chris Conway said...

I heard there's a labyrinth in Arivaca. Ask your Uncle about it if you haven't already. I'll be in Phoenix this weekend--too bad it's too far away.

Hey Otto, tonight is the Perseid Meteor Shower. Check out the info about it online. I imagine Arivaca is a sensational place to see it (dark skies.)

J. Otto Pohl said...

There is a labyrinth here. Although here is 17,000 hard scrabble acres. There are pictures of it at the Arivaca internet portal. I don't remember the address, but you can find it with google. It is really dark here at night.