Friday, August 05, 2005

One Year Old

Believe it or not this blog has been around for a year now. Of course it still has less than 40 posts. Mostly because I got tired a couple of times of writing stuff I was very sure nobody at all was reading and took long breaks. Then I finally got a comment and it inspired me to try and keep it going in the hopes that I might get a couple of readers. I do not think it will ever get too many readers, but I do not have a problem writingor speaking for small audiences. I think it is better to have one sincerely interested reader than a large number of people looking to see what is trendy. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of other blogs have lots of links. The source of these links varies, but there is a definite elitism involved. The carnivals are an example of this. I have entered postings to a couple. Only the Carnival of Liberty IV posted a link to the article I submitted. It was the blog on the Human Cost of Cotton. Other carnivals have like many academic jobs rejected me without even sending notice. The absolute worst has been the History Carnival which has rejected me a couple of times now despite different hosts. I am pretty sure there is a clique involved around which blogs are acceptable and which are not. I am not sure how much my political stances play into it. Although I am sure they do. At any rate I intend to enter the History Carnival every two weeks for a year just to see if I am right. I am quite sure they will reject every single entry. But, if they do I will have the satisfaction of knowing I was right. Many academic bloggers, particularly those in history are just as bad as the cliques around people like Ivan Tribble. Indeed their hypocrisy makes them worse.

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