Saturday, August 20, 2005

Life without TV

Since I have moved to Arizona I have watched no television. It is too remote to get cable and getting a dish does not appeal to me. I would much rather read and write. Television is generally an unecessary distraction. There have been a few very good dramas to come out in the last few years, but they do not really outweigh the amount of air time devoted to garbage. But, even the best dramas such as those produced by HBO are still taking time away from more edifying and productive pursuits. I have found as I have gotten older that I much prefer books as a medium over television and movies. I can read them at my own liesure, they are highly portable and still remain the single best way to transfer information from one human being to another. The demise of the book has been predicted for a while. But, I think books will probably outlast alot of other forms of content provision. Maybe someday future archeologists will ask what people saw in the little picture box. Why didn't they read books instead? Okay that is probably too optimistic. But, here in Arivaca we have already achieved paradise so I am waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

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Frank said...

I, too, believe that the book will survive much longer than those who predict its demise. The old gal still has some gams on her! *hehehe*