Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another day in paradise

Well, we did not get around to fishing in the cistern. I got one job application done this morning. Then I took a mid-morning to early afternoon siesta. It has gotten really hot here. Or at least that is the excuse I am going to use here to justify sleeping rather than working for a big chunk of the day.

I am going to grill jerked chicken again tonight. I noticed today when putting it in the marinade that the bottle holds a lot more sauce than I initially thought. It might be able to do as many as 16 pieces of chicken, twice as much as I first calculated. It is always nice to get little bonuses like that.

Also no illness in the family, no stress from annoying co-workers, no rapidly approaching deadlines (the nearest one is October 15th), no need to toady to tenure committees and no spouse to divorce. Here everything exists in a natural state of blissful harmony. I have nothing, but good news to report.

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