Saturday, August 20, 2005

New Links

I have added some new links over on the left side of the blog in the last week. They are a rather eclectic bunch. Randy McDonald is a Canadian who occasionally has really good posts on Eurasia. Kathryn Tomlinson of Flying Fish is a British woman I have met three times all in different countries. First in Ankara, then NYC and finally London. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on the Meskhetian Turks. I disagree with her on alot of things, but I find her work useful. Recently she has been living in Banda Aceh and writing about the conflict and peace negotiations there. Mark Elf is also a British citizen as well as a self described anti-zionist Jew. His Jews sans Frontieres blog has alot of good stuff on the issue of Palestine. Go check them out and tell them I sent you.

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