Saturday, August 13, 2005

Life on the ranch

Actually, it is an ex-ranch. The horse corrals are empty. Other than my uncle's dog all the fauna is wild. The torrential rains from the monsoons have turned the desert green. There is a big pond in the back and several streams. The toads evidently came to spawn. There are thousands of tadpoles in the water and hundreds of small toads hopping onto the land. Unfortunately, the well is solar powered so despite constant rain we have a water shortage. Now that it has stopped raining we should be okay soon.

We have alot of mesquite trees and I have been looking into prehaps doing something with the beans. They are a traditional staple food of several native nations in Arizona. It looks like they will be ready to pick at the end of September. We also have some vines which I think may be either melon or squash. I got some rosemary, basil and tarragon to grow inthe Arizona room to go along with the tomatoes and chilis already there.

I have been getting one to two pages done every day on my cotton paper and should be finished soon. It just needs a couple more pages. Then I will get on the four encyclopedia articles I still have to write due in October. Right now I do not have many job applications to fill out.

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