Sunday, December 18, 2005

Progress on book chapter revision

Yesterday and today, I got some work done editing my book chapter. It is more difficult than I initially anticipated. The editor wants me to make connections with the other chapters in the book. This is a good idea to provide continuity. But, it took me a while to remember even what the other people wrote about. It has been a long time since I read their draft chapters. Also she asks for some additional information in parts. Since I do not have access to a research library I have to make due with the notes and books I have here. I have found some stuff, but I am not sure I can find all of it. Right now I am thinking that I probably can not.

For instance she asks when the deported peoples fighting in the Red Army were removed from the ranks and sent to special settlements. Except for Russian-Germans and Karachais I can not find the exact decrees that ordered their removal from the military. I have a lot of Soviet documents with references to their transfer from the armed services to exile in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Siberia. But, most of them just refer to the years 1944 to 1948 which I take to be the time period it took them to all arrive in the special settlement zones. This extended period is due to first sending many of the "punished peoples" to forced labor battalions under GULag administration known collectively as the labor army.

Other questions I am not as sure how to tackle. She has several on the lack of assimilation of the deported peoples with the surrounding population while in exile. In order to keep it short, she wants one sentence additions in each place, I am having to think alot about what to write. So the paper is taking a bit longer to revise than I anticipated.

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