Wednesday, December 21, 2005


My uncle has me digging holes again. This one, however, is not actually for a post. It is instead for him. He has a shooting range on the ranch. Recently he has been complaining that he has been shooting very poorly. Part of this he thinks has to do with the difference in elevation between him and the target. He figures if he is a couple of feet lower then he will have better accuracy. It might be true. At anyrate today I was out digging a hole for him to stand in while he shoots. Tomorrow I will be making it bigger and putting in a wooden floor. My uncle sometimes comes up with very creative solutions to problems here on the ranch.


Sara Mathewson said...

I have to say this is pretty funny. I can't wait to witness it.

KRISTIN said...

"Creative" is a good expression for it! :P

KRISTIN said...

he would need at least 3 Ottos ;)