Wednesday, December 21, 2005

CSA and Native Americans

Recently a number of bloggers have expressed surprise that a Confederate textbook had a favorable entry on Native Americans. It is only surprising because the politically correct leftists who dominate the US universities have brain washed so many people into thinking Jefferson Davis was a 19th century version of Adolf Hitler. It is a well documented fact that the CSA had a more favorable policy towards Native Americans than the Union. Only American academics seem unaware of this fact. Foreign historians seem to have no difficulty grasping it. For instance British historian Nicholas Hobbes has the following entry in his small book, Essential Militaria: Facts, Legends and Curiosities About Warfare Through the Ages(New York: Grove Press, 2003), p. 139.

The Five Confederate Tribes

The Native American tribes given rights by the government of the Confederate States of America, which were denied them by the U.S. government. They served in cavalry units and as scouts. The Union victory deprived the tribes of their remaining rights, leaving them worse off than before their involvement in the American Civil War.



Sara Mathewson said...

I think of myself as a politically correct leftist. But, I am glad for this tidbit of information.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Well I think we are using these terms differently. The politically correct that I am speaking about seek to wipe out all historical references to the Confederacy that are not explicitely negative. Hence their successful supression in popular culture of the fact that in general they treated Native Americans better than the Union. You point this out and they get very upset because it screws up their anti-Southern morality play. They do not believe in shades of gray.