Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Time Festivities in Arivaca

Yesterday the library had its Annual Holiday Tea complete with live music and food, but no tea. The food was quite good, however. This was followed shortly afterwards with the Annual Winterfest at the Community Center. There they had even more great food, prickly pear tea and more live music. I got to see Chris O'Byrne play guitar and sing for the first time yesterday. He is quite talented. I can't wait until we record him playing "Live at Otto's Chicken Shack and Hookah Lounge." I also got to meet some of the local Arivaca notables at the Winterfest. Arivaca is probably the only community in the US where your social status does not depend on what type of job you have, how much money you have or what type of car you drive. So I was not immediately snubbed by these leaders of the community as would have happened just about anywhere else in the US. Even though I knew Arivaca was an exceptional place in this regard, this lack of a negative reaction to my economic circumstances always pleasantly surprises me.

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