Friday, December 09, 2005

Arivaca Curry

Okay, I am going to ease back into blogging lightly here. Food entries seem to be popular in some quarters and never provoke hostile responses. So I will present you with my latest culinary delight.

The other night I was going to grill some chicken breasts marinated in hot sauce and Italian dressing. But, I ran out of propane very shortly after putting them on the grill. Our propane tank does not have a meter and I had not bothered to lift it recently to see how full it was. So I had to cook the chicken in the kitchen that night. I sliced up the breasts into small pieces using a very sharp knife and put them and the marinade in the wok. The fat from the chicken combined with the marinade to make a very tasty gravy. It reminded me of an Asian curry dish. I served it over rice and gave it the name Arivaca Curry. Like most of my great food ideas this one was the result of running out of something and having to find a substitute.

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