Sunday, December 18, 2005

Books I wish somebody else would write

A long time ago I posted a rather long entry on books I would like to write in the future. This list is on books I would like to read, but do not wish to write. In fact I probably lack the skills needed to write them. Things like reading non-Indo-European languages are not easy to acquire. The wish list is in no particular order. If any of these books have been written please let me know so I can try and acquire them.

A comparative history of desert agriculture, particularly cotton in Central Asia, the Middle East and the US South West including Texas.

A history of the hookah.

A comparative history of Native Americans explaining why the Navajos seem to have fared better than almost all the other indigenous peoples of the US.

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J. Otto Pohl said...

I have been trying to learn the Arabic alphabet and have not found it easy. I get confused by which letters have one, two or three dots over them or under them. I still have not made it past the first chapter of the Teach Yourself _Beginner's Arabic Script_ book. I get to the test at the end of the chapter and get like 2 out of the five questions right. If you find it easy you are alot smarter than me.