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Report by Beria to Stalin and Molotov on the Deportation of the Kalmyks 70 Years Ago

Below is a report from 70 years ago on the completion of the ethnic cleansing of the Kalmyk ASSR of its titular population.  Note that this report places the total number of Kalmyks that actively assisted the German occupation or opposed Soviet rule at only 750 people. All of whom were arrested and were not counted as part of the 93,139 completely innocent people forcibly deported to Siberia.
Formal Report of Peoples Commissar of NKVD L.P. Beria
to I.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov on Measures
to Resettle People of Kalmyk Nationality
to Eastern Regions of the USSR 
3 January 1944 
Top Secret
State Committee of Defense
Comrade Stalin I.V.
Comrade Molotov V.M. 
3 January 
  In accordance with the Ukaz of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and resolution of the SNK USSR of 28 December 1943 the NKVD of the USSR carried out the operation to resettle people of Kalmyk nationality to eastern regions.
  To provide for conducting the operation and prevent cases of resistance or flight the NKVD took necessary operative-military measures in advance, organized guarding of the population points, collected the resettlers, and escorted them to places to be loaded onto train echelons.
  In the beginning of the operation were arrested 750 people Kalmyks, who were members of bandit gangs, bandit helpers, active helpers of the German occupiers and other anti-Soviet elements.
  Total loaded onto 46 train echelons 26 359 families, or 93,139 people, resettlers, that were moved to places of resettlement in Altai and Krasnoiarsk krais, Omsk and Novosibirsk oblasts.
  During the time of the conduct of the operation there were no incidents or excesses.
  Train echelons with resettlers were escorted by workers of the NKVD.
  The NKVD of the USSR together with local organizations has taken the necessary measures in the areas of reception, to provide housing and labor accommodations for resettlers in their places of resettlement. 
Peoples Commissar of Internal Affairs for the Union of SSRs
L. Beria
Source:  N. L. Pobol and P.M. Polian, (eds.), Stalinskie deportatsii 1928-1953: Dokumenty, (Moscow: MFD, Materik, 2005), doc. 3.94, pp. 421-422. Translated from Russian to English by J. Otto Pohl.

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