Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little fish in a big pond

Africa is a big place as you can see by the map to the right. I happen to live in one very small corner of it. The University of Ghana is a fairly big university, but compared to the number of people on the planet or just in Africa it is tiny. The number of people who know who I am in Legon is undoubtedly in the hundreds. The number of people who have heard of me outside of Legon is much smaller. I am quite sure that more people in Legon know who I am than do people in North America for instance. I have come to see my lack of fame as a good thing. Sure it might be nice if more than a dozen people ever read anything I write. I am going to see if I can force a half dozen people or so at the forced labor conference next week to read my paper. I may have to use some very coercive methods to achieve this. On the other hand being an almost complete unknown means I don't get any grief from trolls on the internet either. I can't remember ever getting any hate e-mails. I don't have to delete any comments to this blog for the simple reason that I don't ever get any. It is not that anybody agrees with me on anything. But, that so very few people ever stop by here to see that I do indeed disagree with 100% of everything they believe.