Thursday, January 16, 2014

More on this week

Yesterday, I got the pile of final exams for main campus whittled down to six. I also have 16 for city campus to grade. So there are only 22 out of the original 90 scripts left. So far nobody has actually failed the course which is a first for me since coming to Ghana. Although, it is still possible that one or more of the last six exams could fail.

I also solved my problem of finding a topic to write a journal article about this break. Or rather it was solved for me. I got a message from an editor of a journal based in Europe last night asking me to write an article on a specific topic. So I now have topic. Actually I got a good start on writing the actual article. Before I went to bed I had typed up a little over 1,500 words.

Today, I had to go to the bank again. But, this time it was about getting money in and not out so there is that silver lining. The laws left by the former military dictatorship make moving money in and out of Ghana for normal people very difficult. However, if you are a huge European or White owned South African company it is very easy to move billions of dollars out of the country. Ghana is the only country I have ever been in where routine banking is more difficult and time consuming than seeing the doctor.

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