Monday, September 23, 2013

Relaxing in Africa

The three day weekend is coming to an end. I didn't do anything special for it. But, it was relaxing nonetheless. Not constantly worrying about things has done wonders for my health. Most notably it has greatly lowered my blood pressure which at one time was dangerously high. There is no sense in constantly living in a high level of anxiety and risking a stroke. So now I live a much more relaxed life. Africa is good for that. In fact I suspect that my life expectancy has increased significantly as a result of my move here. If you don't die as a child from malaria or get hit by a tro-tro you stand a very good chance to make it into your 90s in Ghana. In Obrunistan stress and bad diet tends to kill a lot of people still in their 70s or even earlier. There is literally no future in worrying and eating yourself to death.

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